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Spiritual Meme Question Eighteen

18--How would you define luck and would you consider yourself lucky relative to the society you live in?

I don't believe in gambling, its a poor Protestant sin; but my Roman Catholic spouse likes to go to casinos once in a while to try her luck.  I go with her.  She mostly plays the slots and so do i.  On rare occasions i play a little blackjack, but playing cards with strangers ( or even friends, i guess) makes me really nervous.  I usually lose money.  I think i get a little compulsive; Dianne holds on to most  of the money.  I develop superstitious behaviors.  I khow that slot machines pay off less than they take in.  I also know that they pay off on a variable ratio reinforcement schedule which creates the most addiction and the most losses.  But i play anyway.  My luck is always bad.

How fortunate are the poor, said Jesus, and those who cry and those who hunger.  Fortunate is a synonym for lucky.  Spiritual people are known for turning the world, especially the modern world, upside down.  The  last are first, the poor are rich, less is more, and the humble will win the game in the end.  The cards are stacked in favor of the compassionate, the merciful. the simple whether they know it or not.  My luck should change when i acquire those virtues.

Actually, i am already lucky for luck is a matter  of perception rather than material, ephemeral outcomes,  I have been able to convincingly persuade myself that i am among the fortunate.

But at the material level i am also lucky.  I am male, white, live in a wealthy nation.  All these are privileges which most of the people in the world don't have.  At the same time i have been spared from having to swallow the economic and political claptrap that most people seem to have to consume in order to enjoy those privileges.  I'm in a game with fifty dollar chips where the other players have two dollar chips.  And i stay away from the billion  dollar table.

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