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Rasakhan - Effortless Worship

Listen to everyone, but don't say a word.
     In this manner, remain in the world.

Perform your vows and practices with sincerity —
     they will carry you across
          the mind ocean.

Greet all without negativity, and
     remain in the illumination of
          devotional association.

Rasakhan says,
"Worship Govinda the way a village woman
     balances a water jug upon her head,
          with effortless concentration."

-- from Treasure House of Love: Poems of Rasakhan, Translated by Shyamdas
Poetry Chaikhana | Rasakhan - Effortless Worship

Rasakhan (1534-1619)  was both a Muslim and a devotee of Krishna, one can hear the Vaishava and the Sufi influences in his poems.  An "interspiritual" poet!
Tags: interspirituality, interspirituals, notes for a wayless journey, sacred poetry, sufism
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