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Spiritual Meme Question Eleven

11-- What, if anything, do you think you've learned FROM me; And, what, if anything, do you feel you've learned from being with me; And, what, if any, big things have you learned since we got together?
The word "me" leaves me with no stimulus unless i choose some person i know to fill that mental space left by an anonymous "me."  I choose a "generic LJ friend who describes themself as gender-queer or\ and Pagan/Wiccan or plagued by Chronic Fatique Syndrome..  I choose people whose approach to life i admired and who  i thought i could  learn from,  It turned out that some were gay or transgendered and eventually i became friends with some  of their friends.  It turned out that some were Pagan and i eventually became friends with some of their friends.  Possibly for the same reason i now have friends with illnesses  i had never encountered, particularly CFS.

Dear Friend:

I am so glad to have you as a friend.  I have always tried to present myself as an open minded, open hearted person, but i am not.  At the intellectual level, i reject notions of "deviance" and "abnormality."  Was it Eugene Debs who said "nothing human is alien to me?" Well, i wanted that to  be my motto; but in my gut i felt pretty alienated, and especcially alienated from people that the neurotypical folks around me defined in stereotypes.

I got to see you as an ordinary person.  No, not just ordinary but extraordinary and as an extraordinarily ordinary human being.  Though i have never seen you face to face, i feel from you journal entries and comments that i know you better than i do most of  the people that i do see face to face.  I can feel  your joy and pain,  I can never see the labels that have been placed on  you in the same way again.  Thank you for being my friend.  Love and Peace, Bob,

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