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Spiritual Meme Question Ten

10--How do you define trust in your relationships? Do you believe it is a black and white issue or a grey area one in that you can trust people in different ways?
My adopting mother learned to lie as a child (probably to avoid physical abuse) but she always claimed to value truth and believe that she was always truthful.  I am afraid that i picked up this same trait and it has taken many years to correct it.  I still catch myself wanted to "stretch the truth a little" to avoid upsetting others (but really to protect my (little) self.

People who are untrustworthy do not trust others (even though they are trustworthy)
People who are trustworthy trust others (even when others do not deserve trust).

I completely trust my wife and my older daughter.  My younger daughter has also gained my trust after many years of trustworthy behavior.  Most other people i trust about as much as i need to to not get paranoid,  Surprisingly perhaps, the people i most trust are my LJ friends whom i know only from  their journals and comments.

I tend to think of trustworthiness as a somewhat general trait and that "those who can be trusted with little can be trusted with much," but i know that this is empirically incorrect.

I have become more trustworthy over the years, especially as i have become more aware of my tendencies to betray trust and aware of the causes of those tendencies.

I am fond of, but still exploring a quote from the Tao Te Ching.
"The trustworthy, i trust.
The untrustworthy, i also trust.
That is true trust."

Definition? Each person knows that the other will be a friend no matter what the circumstances.
Each knows that other will keep their word; each knows that the other will be truthful and kind.  Each person knows that the other will "have  their back."

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