bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Spiritual Meme Question Eight

8--Has your interest and preference for art changed over the years? What sort of art styles and genres were you interested in as a child, teen, in your 20s, vs now? Has your interest range become more specific or has it widened, or both? Why?

Nope, Valesquez, Goya, Van Gogh, Hopper,, Benron, Fritz Eichenberg, Picasso's Guernica. maybe a few i can't think of at the moment  -- always liked them probably always wiil  I have no taste in art, no sense of genre or style.  You have to guess from the above names what grabs me and what leaves me be.  Pictorial art is not my thing, more abstract art even less so.

But i love poetry, sacred poetry, Haiku, story poems, short poems, mystical poems, the "drunken" Sufis, etc.

Writing prompts: only ones that would be hard for you to answer please! {FULL!} - the eclectic ecstasy of an ecphorizing eccentric
Tags: guernica, sacred poetry, spiritual meme
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