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Spiritual Meme Question Four

4--What, if anything, about religion A (place name of any applicable religion here) and it's followers makes you mad? Why? (You don't need to actually place a religion here, just talk about the patterns in any religion). Have you chosen to abandon that religion and/or part of that religion and/or it's followers, why or why not?

Because i value critical thinking more that i do obedience. i get mad (or more likely sad) when religious leaders do the thinking for their followers and the followers accept this.  Yes, i have walked away from churches where i felt a "cult" like atmosphere developing.  And because i feel that the Abrahamic religions are more prone than others to this tendency, i have chosen to look farther East (or farther back in time) for my philosophical and spiritual identification.  Of course, there are humble and gentle guides in every faith and i gravitate toward them if i know they are out there.  Why would i leave?  Because i can't fight systems whose participants see no need for change and it is not worth my time to put up with them.

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Tags: mind, obedience, spiritual meme
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