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Spiritual Meme Question Four

4--What, if anything, about religion A (place name of any applicable religion here) and it's followers makes you mad? Why? (You don't need to actually place a religion here, just talk about the patterns in any religion). Have you chosen to abandon that religion and/or part of that religion and/or it's followers, why or why not?

Because i value critical thinking more that i do obedience. i get mad (or more likely sad) when religious leaders do the thinking for their followers and the followers accept this.  Yes, i have walked away from churches where i felt a "cult" like atmosphere developing.  And because i feel that the Abrahamic religions are more prone than others to this tendency, i have chosen to look farther East (or farther back in time) for my philosophical and spiritual identification.  Of course, there are humble and gentle guides in every faith and i gravitate toward them if i know they are out there.  Why would i leave?  Because i can't fight systems whose participants see no need for change and it is not worth my time to put up with them.

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Feb. 20th, 2016 03:51 pm (UTC)
I certainly don't think that religious leaders should do the thinking for their followers, and that is one thing that I value in my own personal belief system (there is no God but God, all people have faults). Often in religions it goes from having faith in something to worshipping symbols, or "higher ups" in the church/temple/and so on. Even prophets are human, and human beings are not perfect. We all have a mind, and we should use it to draw our own conclusions with anything we encounter.
Feb. 20th, 2016 06:08 pm (UTC)
Yes, of course.
My thinking is affected by the fact that, when i was young, i was taken to a lot of "revivals" where the preacher addressed large crowds, shouted a lot, and pretended to speak for God. Sometimes the God they spoke for was vengeful, angry, and even malicious (to my way of thinking) It was "generation of vipers" (which, in my opinion, Jesus never said) rather than "Blessed are the poor" that i heard in the churches i went to.



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