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Spiritual Meme Question Two.

2-- detailed thoughts and feelings on a person requiring others to use pronouns for them such as bun/bunself, fae/faeself, and other uncommon choices.

Actually, even though i had never heard or seen these words. i have a general idea of what the prompt wants.  We are discovering an incredible variety of human beings who do not fit into the traditional categores of male, female, or hermaphrodite, straight, bi-. or gay, etc.

There are three guidelines: 1)speak to and about oneself and others kindly and accurately and don't speak when silence is the better option. 2) people have a right to choose their own labels and reject any label imposed by others unless they have genuinely earned some epithet like "greedy seed of midas" or "serial killer' 3) If i want to communicate with you, i will choose a language and a phraseology that you are comfortable with; if you want to communicate with me you must use a language that i can understand.

I do not always live by these guidelines as i should, but i try.  People confused about their identity do not need me adding to the confusion by "calling them names."

One thing about euphemisms.  Often changing a label produces no change in the social system. the culture, or the minds of people.  Anyone who tries to change their labels in order to avoid oppression may soon find that oppression chasing after the new label.

To be more direct, i would be sympathetic and as accomodating as possible but privately consider those particular pronouns a bit silly.

Writing prompts: only ones that would be hard for you to answer please! {FULL!} - the eclectic ecstasy of an ecphorizing eccentric


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Feb. 25th, 2016 02:14 am (UTC)

I remember an online chat I had some years ago:

“Some people claim to be both Elves and
werewolves.  Such people are called polyweres.
No, such people are called twits.

> thanx I just coughed tea all over my shirt

The “incredible variety of human beings” you describe are not being discovered, they're being encouraged because it's fashionable.  Like all mammals, humans have two (2) sexes.  “Special snowflakes” - mentally damaged females, almost invariably - who describe themselves as herlax or heedrill or sheodudes or whatever depending on their whim of the moment are as trendy and meaningless as the very word “genderfluid” they coined.  If you're not female, let's see you fertilize an egg.  If you're not male, let's see you get pregnant.  In either case, I'm not impressed.

[There was a guy I knew here on Livejournal who “identified as” female.  Wore women's clothing, &c.  As might be expected, he was just this side of barking mad, had multiple personalities (he said) and was on disability dole because he was unemployable and was basically a waste of good oxygen.  To claim that he or his trendy pretension were worth anything more than fertilizer is as foolish as he was.]

Feb. 25th, 2016 04:45 am (UTC)
Chromosomal variations from the standard XX and Xy were foundd
in ten percent of a sample of "normal" adult Danish males. Some of these variations had names long before they started being used by members of the general population to define themselves or others. No one the slightest idea how many other factors, genetic or otherwise go into the formation of sex, gender, personality, dysphoria, sexual orientation, etc. I notice that you don't care much for women who try to be women while i have very little sympathy for men who try to be men.

(edit) God, i think i might know that guy, or someone very much like him. He showed up here about thirty years ago from somewhere in the South or Southeast (Texas, i thought but maybe not) He claimed to be homosexual and his "alternate" (the dominant one anyway) was a heterosexual female. My problem with him was that he was a self centered asshole (as was she!) He also had mental issues but he gave the mental ill a really bad name.

Edited at 2016-02-25 05:05 am (UTC)
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