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Spiritual Meme Question One

1--How would you personally define intelligence

(How the autistic mind works)  There are six words in this question.  The two that seem least important to me are "would" and "intelligence;" the word that stands out is "define."  This is why you do not get what you would call a "straight" answer.  This is about as straight as my answers get.

I love words, but i dislike definitions.  They always leave something important out and put unnecessary meaning in.  Some Sikh philosopher in the sixties said: "Once i was fine, and then i got de-fined."  The ancient speakers of proto Indo European used the words en, which meant "in," and leg-, which meant "to collect" or "to speak."  The modern English word "leg" has a different deriviation, so i don't know why we say understanding when we mean knowledge or say that a person doesn't have a leg to stand on when he lacks an appropriate argument for a position.

So we "collect our thoughts" in our "minds" and arrange those thoughts somehow to create "knowledge."  Knowledge, of course, is considered a good thing, but in spiritual circles it has a down side.  Wisdom and knowledge are not the same thing though there is probably some overlap.  The Taoists say that in learning. something is gained every day; but in following the Tao, something is lost every day.  We need to empty our minds before they can be refilled with knowledge of the Divine.

Coming back to earth, no one knows everything and everyone knows something.  I would go so far as to say that everybody knows something that no one else knows.  In Rumi's version of Moses and the shepherd, Allah tells Moses that his intelligence is no better than the shepherd's ignorance in the sight of Allah.

Nowadays we speak ot emotional intelligence and social intelligence which are not the same as "mental" intelligence.

I am intelligent if i know the things that influential people know,  If what influential people know is not worth knowing then my quest for intelligence is a fool's errand.  If i arrange my collection of thoughts in strange ways i may be considered creative, or insane, or just stupid, but i may be none of those things.  Intelligence may just be so varied that it cannot be rated on a hierarchical scale.

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