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I wanted to get in on this but did not know how to post according to instructions.  So i winged it and this is what io wrote.

Jan. 31st, 2016 08:25 am (UTC)
Name, Age: Bob, 82
Current Location: Boise, ID, USA
Hometown: Marysville, WA/ Ketchikan, AK
Gender Identity & Orientation: asexual male
Religion/Spiritual Identity: No religion/ Seeker, Taoist, Interspiritual
Political Identity: Anarcho-primitive, Spiritual anarchist.
Significant Other, Kids?: Dianne, 3 grown children.
Job: Retired (taught at University)
Major in College: Sociology, then Religion. then Sociology.

What are you passionate about?: Nothing, i don't do passion.
What are you interested in?: Spiritual paths, sacred poetry, the universe, the earth, love, compassion, mercy, humility, restraint, human rights, human equality.
What are your hobbies?: Reading, journaling, thinking

How do you use LJ?: It started out to be a record of my spiritual path, now i post about just about anything that comes to mind. Without LJ my life is pretty circumscribed
Do you comment?: Yes, when i think it is relevant and i can be kind.
What kind of LJ friends are you looking for?: People who are on spiritual quests and who are tolerant and wise.

Any think else you would like to mention: Because i am autistic, i am easily overwhelmed by any kind of social interaction. There is a sort of strangeness about me that my friends have to get used to. I am an acquired taste. I also am very inept at using the computer, almost computer illiterate. I could not follow the instructions for this post, but i did want to participate.

Like Vines Toward the Sun :: A Friending Frenzy for Returnee & Long-Time LJers! - lavenderfieldss Page 4
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