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Update Update, Etcl

It has been ten days since the last dose of prednosone and Dianne's oxygen saturation stats are very good and consistent.  A scan of her lungs has provoked no cries of alarum from pulmonologist or primary physician.  She is still on 6 litres of oxygen (the "new normal") and sleeping twelve or thirteen hours (but not 14 or 16).  She is talking about an our of town trip.  Once she asked to have her heart rate checked, but mostly she is "fine." or, at least, "o,k."


When i retired, the department secretary told this story:  One day she asked me a question.  I answered it and kept answering it for the next five minutes.  She had to run an errand and excused herself.  Twenty minutes later she returned and i was still talking. still "answering her question."  I was still three years away from my discovery of autism.  I added my (somewhat embarrassed) laughter to that of the others whose laughter was far more "knowing" than my own.

Since then i have learned that the autistic brain is wired so that the mind is  naturally more interested in "things" than in people or places.  I was far more interested in the secretary's question than i was in her.  This is consistent with my autistic nature but alien to my Buddha nature and to my basic philosophy.

Just as lecturing on topics is much easier than talking to people, i also find that preparing reports and studies is much easier tha journaling or 4th stepping.  Several times i have commited myself to daily  hournaling and each time i find myself either inspired by "topics." or uable to write anything.  I find inspiraton most easilyin a "good" "sacred" poem or song.  I see that "sacred poetry" is by far my most used tag.

Tags: autism, health, personal life, sacred poetry, words
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