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'You Americans Have No Idea'....

'You Americans Have No Idea' - Another Open Letter, This Time From Canada & This One Hurts

Posted mostly for this quote by Robin Williams on Canada.

"You are the kindest country in the world.
You are like a nice apartment over a meth lab."

Canada is a capitaistic, class difided society with an income distribution only slightly superior to our own.  Its First Peoples societies (like in all seventy countries that have a significan aboriginal population0 are still treated as second class people.  Canada has been much too strongly influenced irs "neighbor" to the south (or the meth lab in its basement).

Still, my Canadian friends and my USAan friends who live in Canada vouch for a quieter, gentler place.  The polirical and religious extremes are much closer to the center (which, in turn,  is more liberal than our incereasingly right leaning "middle of the road."

When i passed through Western and Central Canada in 1953. i felt like i had taken a time machine back to a simpler time, less artificial.  I understand Americans in Canada today get the same impression.

So, yeah, Robin Williams. i hear what you said.
Tags: perspective on "history"
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