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Will Climate Science Deniers Be The Only Buyers Of Coastal Property?

"What does that (climate change) mean for coastal property? As a National Geographic article on the subject last year put it:
In a state exposed to hurricanes as well as rising seas, people like John Van Leer, an oceanographer at the University of Miami, worry that one day they will no longer be able to insure — or sell — their houses. “If buyers can’t insure it, they can’t get a mortgage on it. And if they can’t get a mortgage, you can only sell to cash buyers,” Van Leer says. “What I’m looking for is a climate-change denier with a lot of money.”
When Will Coastal Property Values Crash And Will Climate Science Deniers Be The Only Buyers? | ThinkProgress

People who say that climate change is not a serious problem tend to be ultra-conservative.
Ultra-conservative people are also wealthy or believe that wealthy people are smarter and better than people who are not.  There should be plenty of "climate change deniers with lots of money."  I admit that some of these people are not stupid.  If they know that climate change will adversely affect property values, they will not pay a lot for it no matter what they say.  If they truly believe that climate change is a myth or hoax or mistaken idea they will welcome the opportunity to benefit from their superior insight.

This should be really easy to test.  What is happening to the price of beachfront property over time, lets say the last sixty years.  What are the trends in coastal property sales and prices?
Who is buying and how have the characteristics of buyers changed?  Are climate change deniers putting their money where their mouths are?

With the increase in political extremism has come an increase in political lying.  This is not just a problem of one side.  Conservatives and liberals all ought to be ashamed of themselves.  But, being liberal, i cannot help but feel that the shame cannot be divided equally between conservatives and liberals.  So who is mistaken (or lying) about climate change?  One indicator might be who is acquiring or dumping beachfront property.

Does anyone have any information on this?  Have studies been done.? What do they suggest>
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