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Alphonse Toussenel

A utopian socialist and a disciple of Charles Fourier, he was anglophobic and anti-semitic. He was at one time editor-in-chief of the newspaper La Paix, and his studies of natural history served as a vehicle for his political ideas
Alphonse Toussenel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Somonini meets him half way through the novel in a Paris bookstore.  I have no idea yet whether he plays any part in the story.  In spite of some familiarity with 19th century European political writing, i am continually surprised by the frequency and ease with which anti-Semitic and other ethnocentric ideas roll of the lips and pentips of otherwise seemingly rational and intelligent people.  Yes, Western Europe had abolished slavery and admitted Jews to citizenship, but ethnocentrism was as ugly in Europe as in  the United States, and as stupid.  The "enlightened" minds could still  not consider social structure. history. culture and socialization as primary causes
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