bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Post Christmas Post

It started out to be just another day
But at the last minute i decided i could not inflict it on Dianne.
So i cleaned up the clutter, placed Madonna and Child icons and statuiettes
and some candles on the tables
and planned a Christmassy dinner.

Dianne awoke feeling pretty good.
her stats and breathing were strong.

Son and his roommate came bearing gifts,
a book for each of us,
and news that he has been approved
for disability by social security.
I gave son money
(my standard gift in my dotage).

Younger daughter phoned to wish us merry
(her gift arrived earlier and has been consumed)
Older daughter calles saying she  would bring dinner.
I put my stuff back in fridge and pantry.

Earlier that morning it had been cold
possibly single digit temps
Snow had fallen, enough to cover unraked leaves
but not enough to make travel difficult.
Snow on rooftops and lawns
Snow or frost on trees now bare of leaves.

The ground squirrels seem to ignore the cold
they frolic as usual in the trees and run along fences
scattering snow but not losing a bit of their "aptness"
Their small paw prints made a stright line
from favorite tree to patio
looking for, and finding, peanuts.

We wished each other "Blessed Christmas"
Dianne sait, "Its Merry too."
We hope yours was merry also.
and blest..
Tags: health, oxygen, personal life
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