bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Memo To Self

Must I fear what others fear? What nonsense! -- Tao Te Chiing, 20
20 - Daily Tao

I should take an actuary's approach to fear.
I do not want to use fear to feed my ego.
And i do not want to use fear to feed someone else's ego-
not some politician's. or some newsman's, or some security expert's.

I want to fear only that which can destoy my soul,
separation from the Divine,
separation from my brothers and sisters.

Others suggest i should be afraid of many things;
falling, dying, losing.
terrorists. banks, and foods.
serial killers and serial office holders,
dynasties and anarchies.
too much chaos, too much order;
liberals and conservatives
So many "enemies" i lose track.

My fear gets somebody my vote,
my fear fills someone's coffers
my fear fills someone's ego;
my fear buys  many lab tests,
but what do i gain from my fear?
Tags: fear, power, taoism
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