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Lately i have worried that These United States have, in the 20 teens begun to look more and more like Germany in the 1930s.  An analysis of political writing in the 1930s revealed that usage of the terms "equality" and "freedom" were highly predictive of the orientation of the writer.  Socialists frequently used both terms; capitalists seemed very fond of the word "freedom."  Communists much preferred the word "equality," while fascists did not use either term.  But today, the people that i fear the most (yes, without exception)--Libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, "neo-liberals," neo-conservatives, and the millions who will vote for them. use the word freedom a lot.  In fact they act like they own the word.  Of course we still do not cotton to those who call themselves fascists, though they themselves do not mind being called conservatives.

In the United States of America, before the Civil War ("threescore and ten" years), voting was confined to propertied adult white males.  This meant that 15 percent of the adult population participated effectively in the tasks of the democracy, the "republic" (another misleading term used by conservatives).  In South Africa during most of the second half of the twentieth century, 15 percent were also allowed to vote.  White women were included but anyone of  non-European or mixed ancestry (Africans and "coloureds") were excluded.  Some scholars referred  to this situation as "Herrenvolk Democracy" -- democracy for the ruling class or the "master race"  predicated on the notion that a nation SHOULD live half (or 80 percent) unfree.

We are  now talking about the gradual or sudden (after all, we are "at war.") withholding of some rights for some people.  Rights that have been taken for granted, rights recognized by the Constitution.  Christians speak without any substantial basis about being bullied by "others." just as Germans complained of being bullied by Jews in the 1930s.

How  about this folks:  Democracy for those who have earned it.  Sieg Heil!


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Dec. 13th, 2015 02:41 am (UTC)
...or for whom it has been earned in far-off sagas of history....
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 13th, 2015 06:58 pm (UTC)
Thank you. I will repost the article. Incidentally, yours is the second comment referring to a coming NATO-Russian War. I don't think anyone wants that to happen, but then "no one" wanted WWI to happen either. Also incidentally, the definition of fascism in my (1996 edition) copy of the AHD does not match the definition in the article.
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