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Two weeks agp our netfliks dvd was "Adam."  The main character is a twenty-eight year old aspie who is on his own for the first time.  (He does have his father's war buddy who understands hjm and walks him through predictable crises).   He meets a young school teacher and falls in love, loses his job, almost loses his home and finally "stims" his way into a decent job as a planetrarium guide where he begins to lead an independent life.  It was a very pleasant movie to watch (see exceptions below) with a very good representation of a high functioning autist.  Threatened with the loss of his home and discovering that his girl friend told him a (little white) lie, he threw a couple of horrendous tantrums that made me cringe and then shout at him to stop!

When I opined that I had never, would never, throw tantrums like that, Dianne looked at me like: "where were you during your life!"  and than reminded me of some of the tantrums I had thrown.  It was bpth painful and informative to watch.

The girl friend, who ends up sending him away so that he can try his own wings, gets a crash course in autism and learns a lot in a short period of time.  I also learned something watching the movie, and I think Dianne did too.  Three and a half stars.
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