bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Update Update - A New Leaf

Today Dianne saw her new (and my old) internist and the talk got very serious.
Dianne was on three litres of oxygen in March.  She was released from the hospital in November on  four letres.
Today she was told to keep it at six litres "night and day."  Her heart and lungs will no longer support her life, and she  will have to do everything right to stay out of the hospital and she should expect some hospitalizations anyway.  Doing everything right includes diet, medicines. exercise  fluid buildup reduction, and daily weighings

Dianne does not like taking medicine or breathing treatments and gentle encouragement to do so are talen as intrusive and controlling (which they probanly are due to my issues with authority).  But i now have her permission to take charge of her medications and breathing treatments.  (She tales a total of 16 pills per day plus inhalants and 4 nebulizer (breathing) treatments.

Diet will be a challenge with low sodium and low carbohydrates.  (For the first time today, i could taste the saltiness of bread.)  Wish us luck, pray for us, or keep your thumbs erect.
Tags: health, personal life
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