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another meme

Look at your LJ “interests” list. If you have less than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. / If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. / If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. / If you have fewer than ten, pick all of ‘em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much.

another meme - Voice of the Bohemian Hermit Sea

Thanks to spikegirl58 via seaivy

 10. Ammon Hennacy.
20th century American anarchist. part of the Catholic Worker movement, a self styled "Sermon on the Mount Christian." role model. (four uses)

20 autism
I am a self diagnosed autist.  It has been my "painful gift." (51 uses)

 30. brain
The brain is very important.  I don't think brain is mind. autistic brains are wired differently than other brains. (6 uses)

 40. Cloud of Unknowing
14th century English Christian mystical classic.  One of my favorite books.  Closest Western likeness to Eastern spirituality. (97 uses)

 50. daily Zen archive
A collection of chan/zen Buddhist texts i started to file.  I admire Zen Buddist practice/
I didn't get far with this project. (one uses)

 60. discipline
I need it, i hate it, i need it, i hate it.

 70. equality
Because we have refused to or forgotten how to treat each other as equals, and how to treat other species of life as equal to homo sapiens sapiens. we have created immense suffering and perhaps doomed ourselves. (91 uses)

 80. Franciscans
13th century Roman Catholic religious order determined to live by the Sermon on the Mount. More role models. (11 uses)

 90.  Hadewitch
14th Century Catholic laywoman, a prominent Beguine. mystic, poet, role model.

100. interspirituals
Spiritual people, mostly mystics, mostly contemporary (though their roots go back to 6th century b.c.e. India at least) who respect and honor and use spiritual traditions other than theiir own.  More role models.

110. joy
One of the four blessings that Buddhist pray will come to (or be realized by) all creatures. (9 uses)

120. lojong
I am far more selfish than i should be or want to be.  This Mahayana (particularly Tibetan) Buddhist mind-training practice helps

130. Mercy
One of the three Taoist "treasures"  I must recieve and dispense it. (3 uses)

140. Mysticism
The only way i know how to approach the Universe. (74 uses)

150-. Obedience
One of the vows monastics take and the one that would be most difficult for me. far harder than chastity or poverty.  The "authority" that demands obedience seems totally different from the one that asks for poverty and chastiy (2 uses)

160. perspective on "history."
History is mostly written by "winners" or their underlings.  I don't trust it and prefer to write my own. (181 uses.)

170. Rabia
Uneducated enslaved woman who was the first known Sufi  poet and the only known female Sufi poetry in Sufism's first thousand years.  Another role model. (5 uses)

180.  Rumi
Sufi poet and leader from the 11th century.  First "whirling Dervish"  Supposedly the most widely known and read poet.  A teacher.  Give me ISIL, i'll give you Rumi. (47 uses)

190. self
My biggest problem (13 uses)

200 Simone Weil
20th century radical, philosopher, and mystic.  Wrote powerfully about power (which she called "force.").  Another role model. (5 uses)

210.spiritual practice
The most important thing i've never done, but intend to do.  The single item on my "bucket list."  (82 uses)

220. Tao Te Ching
My favorite book.  My window into spirituality.(340 uses)

230. toward compassion
Why is it important to me?  Why wouldn't it be? (101 uses)

240. war
Our collective version of my biggest problem. (35 uses)

250. Zen
The connection between Taoism and Buddhism




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