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A Sympathetic Agnostic Reads About The Synod On The Family.

Vatican meeting reveals growing Catholic divide over divorce and homosexuality - Europe - Stripes

1)  Isn't the idea of 270 single and supposedly celebate guys sitting around talking abou family seem even too silly for a situation comedy, or even a "reality" tv show?

2)  Q. What happens when aristocrats try to act like democrats?
     A.  They seem to act pretty much like Congressional Republicans.
(Hmmm, i will have to give that some thought.  Does the U.S. really have two Houses of Lords rather than a Senate and House of Representatives.)

3)  A spokesman for the conservative thirteen (read freedom caucus 37) is an Archbishop from Kazakhstan!!*

4)  I do not think that Francis is  trying to "recast the Church in his own image."  I think he is, perhaps for the first time in 1700 years, trying to cast it in  Jesus' image.

5)  If the liberals are doing the work of the devil, who is doing the work of the world and the work of the flesh?  I suppose the conservatives think they are doing the work of God.  But in my opinion that's just their opinion. (I must meditate on "the world, the flesh, and the devil" as suggested by Richard Rohr's most recent meditation.)

*  The USSR spent 73 years trying to crush religion.  A generation would be born, live, grow old, and die without ever encountering a public interpretation of his or her religious tradtion (Eastern Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism, Shamanism, Buddhism, or any other) that was not contaminated by Communist ridicule and suppression,  Because of an ignorance of Islam perhaps greater than anywhere outside the USA, Central Asian Muslems fell prey to the most fanatical and violent possible interpretations of Islam.  Could the same think have happened to Central Asian Roman Catholics?

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