bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Answer for question 4529.

For U.S. users and other interested parties -- did you watch the Democrat party candidates debate last night? What did you think of it? Who were the big winners and losers of the debate in your opinion?
I did not watch the debates as soon as i learned Bernie Sanders was running and Elizabeth Warren wasn't i knew who i will vote for. When we caucus, i will sit in the Bernie Sanders section. If there are not enough of us to elect a delegate, i will join the uncommitted bloc. In the final go round, if things go as i fear they will. i will probably vote for Hillary Clinton in November 20i6 -- but don't tell my wife!
As for the debate, from what i've heard Hillary probably won but Bernie held his own pretty well. I still know nothing about the other candidates that might make me inclined to vote for any of them.
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