bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Update Update -- A Fall

Dianne fell yesterday.  Total carelessness on my part  :(   We had to call the fire deparment to get her upright.  No injury; much gratitude expressed.

Today we went to Dianne's cardiologist. who shares an office with mine.  Pretty much a clean bill of health,heartwise.  The trip to the doctor and back was easy and uneventful even though the appointment was at an hour when Dianne is usuallly still asleep and ventures out of  the house are normally fraught with risk at any hour.  Also i was able to lower her oxygen intake from six litres to five through most of the day.  (She is prescribed three litres but for several days  last week she was on 8).  My mood rises with the saturation level of oxygen and falls when it falls.  She remains on  an even keel throughout.

As always, i thank you who care and seek information about our well being.
Tags: health, oxygen, personal life
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