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License To Serve. License To Kill?

In a recent post i wrote  some words about natural and unnatural change to which a friend commented that the words could have been written by a Christian monk or a serial killer.  I thought the comment was correct and useful.  Information about  human vulnerability can as easily be used to hurt as to heal.

People who are inclined to follow a via negativa (the "dark side?") are warned to have, first, a strong moral, philosophical positive belief.  One should discern good and evil before moving beyond good and evil.  The author of The Cloud of unknowing. a classic Christian guide to the knowing of not knowing, warns casual readers not to read his book.  He fears what might happen if his mystical truths fall into the wrong hands.  Wisdom traditions have often been accompanied a frightening elitism.  "You want the truth," says the general, "You can't handle the truth."

We have, unfortunately, been hearing rather much about "the dark side" in recent years.  There was, of course, a recent Vice President,  Then there were the brothers of  the 1950s, one of whom was Secretary of State, the other head of the CIA.  Today there are the super wealthy "libertarian' brothers, and, of course the current frontrunner for the Republican Presidential candidacy.  All of these people felt or feel that their positive values and personal discipline were/are strong enough that they could use "dark" powers to accomplish to accomplish positive ends.  They were/are wrong.  And there are many like them.  Another friend calls these Very Serious People and they seem unaware of the depth of their ignorance or the likelihood that  they will do harm.

I have often said that i have no positive philosphy; that if it were not for the via negativa i would have no via at all.  But of course, that can't be quite true.  Without some positive beliefs, i might not be a serial killer, but i would not be much of a human being either.

So when Krshna, speaking with the voice of God, reveals the mystical truth that  what is real cannot be threatened, and then says: "therefore, fight,"  my reaction is: "What do  you mean, 'therefore."  Where is the logic that permits a "therefore."  Maybe the "war" should  go on; maybe it shouldn't. but 'therefore' is not an answer.  Arjuna (the warrior) is left with the same dillemma he had before.  "God" has not answered and cannot answer his  questions for him


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Oct. 1st, 2015 12:20 am (UTC)
There are more than many contradictions in any religion. For example Christian or Muslim's religion claim that they are from God so how can they have the differences? If the God had gave some information to Judas first, after another for the Christians and after something new for the Muslims. I am not talking that at those times in South America people didn't get any at all and only after the thieves from Spain came to them lately to teach them well they got the idea - it is all just ridiculous...

Why Buddha started all his teaching? He wanted to save a man from suffering. He build the conception tells where a suffering comes from and how to avoid it. The passion is the road to suffering- avoid a passion and you will avoid a suffering. The Buddhism's philosophy is a pure logic and don't needs no believing at all.

But western religions don't stand on place. Every new reader can interprets the Bible as he wishes and what is black on white written about a sin being a gay now don't counts as a sin but a normality...
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