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Update Update

For Dianne, Yellow is Red. so we will continue to fight for her right to breath against the smoke,inversion and pollution in the Valley.  Yesterday she had a long delayed visit with her pulminologist  which was less satisfying than she hd hped.  (er standards for medical care are very high, having been a hospital social worker).  A new sleep study will be ordered and additional breathing treatments will clear carbon dioxide (?) from her lungs..  But at least...1) i now feel more confident about my ability to handle the situation, and 2) we were out and about for four hours, in the heat, in and out of the car twice, with only minor problems.  She will see pa=c in four weeks with, i am sure, a clearer plan.

I sAw my cardiologist last week and she put me through an ekg, an echocardiogram. a stress test. and a sonogram of my caratid artery.  Those test results show no problems.  I am also wearing a heart monitor for a month.  "They see my arteries as half closled; i prefer to see them as half open."  They have been that way for at least 20 years, there is no reason why they should not continue to function for another 20.  I thought my heart would kill me, but now it looks like it will be something else.
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