bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

A Fall

For maybe the last five or ten years, visits to doctors have included a question about whether i had fallen lately.  My answer is alway something like: "Of course."  I am active, careless, clumsy; i've broken an ankle, akneecap, both wrists, and, i am sure, other body parts in 80+ years of crawling, walking, running, playing, & climbing.
What i lacked in talent and skill, i tried to make up for with effort.  For eight  years i played basketball in a "gym" whose out of bounds were the brick walls of the building.  That accounted for one wrist, one patella, and numerous bumps, aches, and bruises.  But it meant staying in games i would otherwise be left out of.  I have taken punches, kicks, and falls that alarmed every observer but me.

The fall  i took at three a.m. scared me.  Thinking about it  afterwards, i think i went out of and back into consciousness at least twice, possibly three times.  Trying to remember exactly what happened is like watching a series of still photographs of an object in motion.   I was standing at the kitchen counter chugalugging a glass of laxative,  my throat seemed to close, i dropped the glass, i became dizzy and disoriented and panicky.  I must have fallen and got back up without realizing it.  Afterwards i had a bump on the  top of my head, my neck hurt (still does) when i moved it, and my right shoulder blade was scratched and bleeding.

I had something like this happen maybe three years ago.  There is apparently a single nerve that passes near my heart, lungs, throat and brain which can be triggered by a too rapid intake of liquid.  I've seen it  portrayed on  an ER type reality show.  A first cousin thrice removed by marriage and polygamy had his father die as a very young man after "rapidly drinking cold water on a hot day."

I have an annual checkup with my cardiologist in about three week.  She will  no doubt ask me about falling.
I will have something to say besides "of course."
Tags: fear, health, personal life
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