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Answer for question 4362.

Are you a good liar? Under what circumstances do you choose to lie (just little white lies, or bigger ones)? Have you ever regretted your choice to be less than truthful?
I dislike lies and lying, but i've told lies all my life. This is strange because autistic people are supposed to be "brutally" honest (and i have sometimes told the "truth" when doing so did no one any good). I was never a good liar,but i got away with it more often than not. I rationalized that i did it to spare myself or others pain. I thought it was important to be truthful about "big" issues (government, business, religion, etc.) but not about what i did or didn't do this morning or a moment ago. I know that this moment is the only time i have and i must be truthful in it,


May. 12th, 2015 09:13 pm (UTC)
Intresting perspective because I choose to think the way you used to think. I was going to say the same except that I am not diagnosed with autism and find it correct to think that way. So it makes me angry that you say I do it wrongly. I hate when people use the word "to rationalize" because it means nothing we think feel and do ever counts if someone else says it doesn't...it's just our own dumbness. Personally I think our feelings and emotions count, and if we can prevent pain in the near future then well, whatever. It's normal to plan and prepare the future.
How did you come to the conlusion that you must be truthful and only the present counts? Why do you think I am not rational?
May. 13th, 2015 04:03 am (UTC)
My comments were directed at my behavior, not at anyone else's.

I try to be guided by the Buddhist's notion of "right speech."
I should speak only when necessary and mu words must always be true, kind, and useful. That way, lying won't be a problem for me.



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