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China’s Tensions With Dalai Lama Spill Into the Afterlife -

Chinese Communist Party leaders are afraid that the Dalai Lama will not have an afterlife. Worried enough that this week, officials repeatedly warned that he must reincarnate, and on their terms.
China’s Tensions With Dalai Lama Spill Into the Afterlife -

When i read the first paragraph, it seemed utterly stupid.  That leaders espousing a philosophy which insists that there is no afterlife want to control the afterlife of a religious leader who does not hold their belief.gains credibility as the story of Chinese-Tibetan relations unfolds.  But references to Monty Python are highly relevant.  Tell me, comrade, how you will arrange the divine order in such a manner that the 15th Dalli Lama will approve the oppression of the Tibetan people by the Chinese Government.  I thought that only Americans had the arrogance to insist that they know better than others what their religions beliefs ought to mean to them and explain to others what those others' g religious beliefs "really" mean.
Tags: buddhism, gnosis and agnosis, nonsense, power, religion

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