bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Hospital, Day 19

We have been given the weekend
to strengthen her body
in hospital, for which i am
very grateful.

Yesterday i got Dianne out of bed
and dressed, and undressed
and back into bed,
all without incident and with
approval from therapty people.

Today i tried "transitioning" her from
wheelchair to car and
from car to wheelchair.
They say i failed and
they are probably right.
Her right leg "froze"
and i could not move her
without help from the therapists.

But i don't test well.
Or rather, i do test well
but not as well as i do the same things
when there is no test.
The stress of tests is
counterproductive for me.
So i'm thinking i could have done better.
were my judges not watching.

And i am coughing.
(Hope i'm not coming down
with something.)
But all is still, as always, well.

(The Catholic Encyclopaedia calls Julian "Lady Juliana" suggesting that they know her name and class.
They also suggest that the church in Norwich where she was walled in was not named in honor of Saint Julian (hospitler, martyr, Bishop, or otherwise}.
Tags: health, personal life
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