bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Hospital, Days 15 & 16

People (Doctor, Social Worker, Insurers) are making noises like Dianne has been in the hospital too long and must make arrangements to leave, but no one is saying what the next step is.  Perhaps they will tomorrow.
Dianne is still very weak and tires easily.  Coming home is risky, but i think we are both willing to take the risk.  All is well because all things shall be well.  (Is it possible that Julian of Norwich's anchoress status began as a form of voluntary or enforced quarantine.  Female anchorites seem to have been particularly frequent in the fourteenth century and particularly in England and other parts of Northern Europe where the effects of the Black Death persisted longer than in the South.  Now somebody's saying the bubonic plague wasn't spread by rats but by gerbils!  )

Tags: health, personal life

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