bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Hospital, Day 13

Dianne was still nauseaus most of the day as a result of swallowing the "wash" yesterday morning.  It was to treat Thrush, a yeastlike or funguslike coating of the tongue of highly medicated people (ot maybe its from breathing treatmentss).  I heard the nurse (?) tell her to "swish and swallow."  She had no trouble the first few days.

Today there were no new developments.  Dianne has resigned her self to the probability that she will have to spend some time in rehab facility.  We have a good one  picked out in case we are forced to make that choice.  I heard a horror story from a man whose wife is in a room down the hall.   I did not share the details with Dianne, but we both felt relatively lucky.  In hospitals one sees often the after effects of tragic and near fatal accidents and stupid human  tricks.  All will be well, all is well.  (I recall something i think i once read about Julian of Norwich, that she became a solitary after the bubonic plague wiped out her entire family  - i must read her biography to see if that is true).
Tags: health, personal life

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