bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Hospital, Day Two.

Dianne is spending her third night in the hospital Telemetry unit.  Her lungs still have dangerously high levels of carbon dioxide (though lower than yesterday) and she is still unable to walk.  Today she was very tired but we passed it peacefully and pleasantly.  She will have to spend at least a few more days on the ward and then almost certainly some time in rehab.  We want her to stay in the hospital for rehab rather than be sent to another facility.  Her in-hospital doctor agrees but cannot make that decision by herself;  the physical therapits agree that this will be the best plan, but all they can do is make recommendations.  It seems to me incredible how much of the way medical professionals conduct their practice is determined by hospital and insurance company policies,  The people taking care of Dianne are uniformly competent and compassionate.  But i must keep my fingers crossed because of the effects of policies.
Tags: health, oxygen, personal life
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