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The Cloud Of Unknowing (76) - Chapter Four And Seventy


How that the matter of this book is never more read or spoken, nor heard read or spoken, of a soul disposed thereto without feeling of a very accordance to the effect of the same work: and of rehearsing of the same charge that is written in the prologue.

Cloud of Unknowing - Christian Classics Ethereal Library

It is almost time to say good bye.  I started out admiring you, but not liking you much.  My anti Catholic is just under my skin in spite of being married to a good Catholic.  I developed a fondness for you in the process of struggling with your Middle English, a language practically unintellligible to most English speakers approximately 640 years after you wrote Cloud.  Your ideas live in the several  modern translations, but i hear your voice in the Midland English of so long ago.

Yes, i have read your book, as have millions of other people whom you would  have preferred not to have access to it.  But it is a different world, this democratic (or is it by now "post-democratic) world.  It is a world where your book  can appear in my home by pushing a button on a machine called a computer.  For ten dollars (not much) i can buy it in a monestary book store and the monk who sells it to me, a heretic, wont bat an eye.  And that word heretic, you
would not hear it much in  our time, and those who do use it would propably not be people you would approve of.

Your book  is considered a Christian classic, a world religious classic.  Contemplation, which was more dismissed than even you feared over the next 600 years is now undergoing a sort of revival in which your book has played a significant role.  Yet the world has become more and more a place that well should be placed beneath a cloud of forgetting.  Mysticism is used to sell automobiles.  I won't explain what an automobile is.  You, thank God, have no need to know,

I will read your book again and parts of it  regularly.  And i will finish The Book of Privy Counseling, and, if the first few pages are any indication keep it near me while i live.

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