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The Cloud Of Unknowing (61) - Chapter Sixty


That the high and the next way to heaven is run by desires, and not by paces of feet.

'..., Him (Christ) needed never the more to have went upwards than downwards; I mean for nearness of the way. For heaven ghostly is as nigh down as up, and up as down: behind as before, before as behind, on one side as other. Insomuch, that whoso had a true desire for to be at heaven, then that same time he were in heaven ghostly. For the high and the next way thither is run by desires, and not by paces of feet. And therefore saith Saint Paul of himself and many other thus; although our bodies be presently here in earth, nevertheless yet our living is in heaven. He meant their love and their desire, the which is ghostly .... And surely as verily is a soul there where it loveth, as in the body that Doeth by it and to the which it giveth life. And therefore if we will go to heaven ghostly, it needeth not to strain our spirit neither up nor down, nor on one side nor on other.
Cloud of Unknowing - Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Tags: cloud of unknowing, contemplation, spiritual experience, spirituality

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