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The Cloud Of Unknowing (54) - Chapter Three And Fifty


Of divers unseemly practices that follow them that lack the work of this book.

"....Some cry and whine in their throats, so be they greedy and hasty to say that they think: and this is the condition of heretics, and of them that with presumption and with curiosity of wit will always maintain error.
Many unordained and unseemly practices follow on this error...
I say not that all these unseemly practices be great sins in themselves, nor yet all those that do them be great sinners themselves. But I say if that these unseemly and unordained practices be governors of that man that doth them, insomuch that he may not leave them when he will, then I say that they be tokens of pride and curiosity of wit, and of unordained shewing and covetyse of knowing. And specially they be very tokens of unstableness of heart and unrestfulness of mind, and specially of the lacking of the work of this book. And this is the only reason why that I set so many of these deceits here in this writing; for why, that a ghostly worker shall prove his work by them.

Cloud of Unknowing - Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Tags: cloud of unknowing, contemplation

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