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What meekness is in itself, and when it is perfect and when it is

NOW let see first of the virtue of meekness; how that it is imperfect
when it is caused of any other thing mingled with God although He be
the chief; and how that it is perfect when it is caused of God by

Meekness in itself is nought else, but a true knowing and feeling of a
man's self as he is. For surely whoso might verily see and feel himself
as he is, he should verily be meek. Two things there be, the which be
cause of this meekness; the which be these. One is the... frailty of man,...
 and the which always him behoveth to feel in some part the whiles
he liveth in this life, be he never so holy. Another is the
abundant love and the worthiness of God in Himself; in beholding
of the which all nature quaketh....

This second cause is perfect; for why, it shall last without end. And
the other before is imperfect; for why, it shall not only fail at the
end of this life, but full oft it may befall that a soul in this deadly
body for abundance of grace in multiplying of his desire--as oft and as
long as God vouchsafeth for to work it--shall have suddenly and
perfectly lost and forgotten all witting and feeling of his being, not
looking after whether he have been holy or wretched. But whether this
fall oft or seldom to a soul that is thus disposed, I trow that it
lasteth but a full short while: and in this time it is perfectly
meeked, for it knoweth and feeleth no cause but the Chief. And ever
when it knoweth and feeleth the tother cause, communing therewith,
although this be the chief: yet it is imperfect meekness. Nevertheless
yet it is good and notwithstanding must be had; and God forbid that
thou take it in any other manner than I say.

Would it be right to say that i should be humble because i imagine God to be humble?
The sage says be humble, the nutritionist says drink water.  Is there a difference?

In modernity we have elevated pride from a deadly sin to a major virtue,
while humble  has been humbled to the depths of the adjective check list.
Humility is merged with mortification and humiliation
and we forget that it is, or ever was, a virtue.
But then we mostly don't eat right either.



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