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The Cloud Of Unknowing (7) Sixth Chapter


A short conceit of the work of this book, treated by question.

BUT now thou askest me and sayest, "How shall I think on Himself, and
what is He?" and to this I cannot answer thee but thus: "I wot not."

For thou hast brought me with thy question into that same darkness, and
into that same cloud of unknowing, that I would thou wert in thyself.
For of all other creatures and their works, yea, and of the works of
God's self, may a man through grace have fullhead of knowing, and well
he can think of them: but of God Himself can no man think. And
therefore I would leave all that thing that I can think, and choose to
my love that thing that I cannot think. For why; He may well be loved,
but not thought. By love may He be gotten and holden; but by thought
never. And therefore, although it be good sometime to think of the
kindness and the worthiness of God in special, and although it be a
light and a part of contemplation: nevertheless yet in this work it
shall be cast down and covered with a cloud of forgetting. And thou
shalt step above it stalwartly, but Mistily, with a devout and a
pleasing stirring of love, and try for to pierce that darkness above
thee. And smite upon that thick cloud of unknowing with a sharp dart of
longing love; and go not thence for thing that befalleth.

God (the Void, Brahman, the Tao, The Ground of Being,  That which is not less than a person, Mystery}
cannot be thought but can be loved.  The Buddhists say that we have no reason (other than mere curiosity) to know whether there is a God.  Whatever God's "naked being" might be like* we somehow know, whether by grace or by trial and error, how to  behave.  The Sermon on the Mount contains the same instructions as the 8-fold path. and it was all there in  the Tao Te Ching and probably even in Eve's and Adam's original innocence.

Love is the one virtue mention in the "greatest" commandment and implied in the second which "is like unto it.

*Moses was allegedly shown God's butt, but what it looked like was never revealed
Tags: cloud of unknowing, contemplation, gnosis and agnosis, love, meditation, night
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