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The Cloud of Unknowing (3) Second Chapter

A short stirring to meekness, and to the work of this book.

LOOK up now, weak wretch, and see what thou art. ...... thou shouldest be more  meek and loving to thy ghostly spouse, that He that is the Almighty God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, would meek Him so low unto thee,...
.. Look now forwards and let be backwards; and see what thee faileth, and not what thou hast, for that is the readiest getting and keeping of meekness. All thy life now behoveth altogether to stand in desire, if thou shalt profit in degree of perfection. This desire behoveth altogether be wrought in thy will, by the hand of Almighty God and thy consent. *

The Cloud of Unknowing: Chapter 2: A short stirring to meekness, and to the work of this book

*William Johnston renders these lasr two sentences thus: "For now, if you would keep growing you must nourish in your heart the lively longing for God.  Though the loving desire is certainly God's gift, it is up to you to nurture it."

Pride has become a virtue and humility almost a sin.  I wondered if the meanings of these words has changed over the past six hundred years.  But no, pride is the same "darn" thing and humility the virtue it always was.  No mystical tradition fails to rank humility among its greatest treasures.  How right that the monk should write of meekness at the beginning of his book.

On the other hand, how does he know that God is a "jealous lover," God's traits are unknowable to man -- this is a big part of the monk's  thesis.  God  is hidden behind a cloud that can only be pierced by love.  Does love tell me that God is jealous.  Jealous gods have been, and continue to be, the cause of too much bloodshed.,
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