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Today Is a Good Day to Die

".................. I didn't stay long in Los Angeles, maybe a year.  I did a great deal of growing up in a short time in the angry big city.  Every form of human degradation and mayhem was visible and in-your-face.  So, alone at age 14 and with my family in a place I did not want to go, I decided to 'see the world', and stuck my thumb out on the highway and wound up in Death Valley, California.  A big mistake right out of the shoot........" Takatoka, 2014.

Today Is a Good Day to Die

I start to wonder if "The Singularity" is what the kids would call a "first world problem."
I start to wonder if "singularities" or conditions fully as disorienting and threatening as the Technological Singularity is predicted to be has been a common human experience, especially among the lower classes and ethnic and tribal peoples.  I thing of the losing sides in major wars, the bubonic plague, the exploration of the Western Hemisphere and the thousands of times that social and cultural expectations have been crushed by cruel facts.  How will we survive the singularity?  How did the American Indians survive the colonization of the Americas?  Well, most of them didn't and the others have tried, successfully or  not, a whole range of strategies.

I also wonder if "singularity" is, paradoxically. a constant and necessary part of spiritual experiences.  What is the "Cloud of Forgetting" if not a total disorientation/reorientation and alienation/refriending of the world?
Tags: first peoples, gnosis and agnosis, he who loses his life will save it., singularity, spiritual experience, spiritual practice, spirituality
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