bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Jacopone da Todi - Love beyond all telling (Fragment.)

In God the spiritual faculties
Come to their desired end,
Lose all sense of self and self-consciousness,
And are swept into infinity.
The soul, made new again,
Marveling to find itself
In that immensity, drowns.
How this comes about it does not know.

-- from Jacopone da Todi: Lauds (Classics of Western Spirituality), Translated by Serge and Elizabeth Hughes

The entire poem is at the link below, and it is good!
Poetry Chaikhana | Jacopone da Todi (Jacopone Benedetti) - Love beyond all telling (from Self-Annihilation and Charity Lead the Soul...)
Tags: gnosis and agnosis, he who loses his life will save it., jacopone da todi, koran, sacred poetry
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