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Tails, you lose, tails you lose...

From the journal of madman101

"Derivatives" are a new-fangled Wall-Street gamble, played by all the banksters and rich people who have way too much money on their hands, because their tax rates have been lowered, and they don't reinvest much money into their businesses.... derivatives are not like regular market investments, because there is no real value behind them. Basically, they are BETS.
... Now the bubble is up to $2000 Trillion. What happens when, say, China slows down, (like it is), and, say, prime interest rates go up a little - or, say, companies and banks and rich people have to cover their losses from falling oil investments??? They rush in to cash their derivatives - their bets.

That's when the bubble will burst. Suddenly, there will be a tidal wave of people trying to cash in the derivatives. Remember, there isn't the slightest amount of money to cover these - or even a fraction of these.

But, the most powerful, at least, will DEMAND that their bets be cashed. So, what are they trying to do? They are trying to do what I warned they would try to do. They are trying to get USA taxpayers to pay for their losses. And, then, it will also be taken out of our bank $$$ accounts, which, #1, have recently been deemed the PROPERTY OF THE BANKS, and, #2, are only protected by the FDIC by a fraction, (and only up to a certain amount) - meaning a full bank run will mean most people will lose their money, (after going through what Cyprus went through).

It is their planned coup-de-gras. They ride a wave of privilege and corruption, and use this temporal power to make sure that when they crash, the crash is transferred to the rest of humanity.

They have already tried to sneak this legislation through, while everyone is all riled up about black-versus-white, post-ISIS, post-Ebola, post-ping...




Wisdom is the retention of innocence through adversity. - Tails, you lose, tails you lose...

And they will claim it is due, not to their own doing, but to the irresponsibility of college students and middle class and working class home buyers who cannot pay off their loans because they (the corporations and their officers) have created an economy which is not responsive to the needs or abilities of the vast majority of society's people.  They tried to blame the recession on bad loans, but this might not be a  recession or a depression; it could be the end
It will be end of democracy for sure and a possible return to a feudal system, with fiefs being business corporations and the serfs being employees (or, as the euphemism now being used calls them "associates").  Most people are or pretend to be unaware of  this  upcoming scenario  -- or several equally or more frightening but still  very probable ones,  Those who seem aware are offering wicked, stupid  or meaningless solutions in the form of survivalist, isolationist, or neo-fascist strategies which will produce exactly  the dystopias we want to avoid.  There are things we could and should do to forstall or survive the end of the anthropocene age.  We know what they are; some people are doing them. almost everybody does them privately on certain occasions, but they have not been the norm for public behavior -- economic, political, social -- for over 14,000 years.



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