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Scholar differ as to how many major sins there are. In contrasting major sins with minor sins (al-sagha'ir), the eighth-century Shafi'i scholar Al-Dhahabi found the hadith collections of Sahih al-Bukhari and Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj listed seven major sins, while the tradition from Abd Allah ibn Abbas stated that there were closer to seventy major sins. [20]

The seven major sins in Islam are as follows:[21]

associating anything with Allah (i.e. idolatry -- my comment)
killing one whom Allah has declared inviolate without a just case,
consuming the property of an orphan,
devouring usury,
turning back when the army advances, and
false accusation of chaste women who are believers but indiscreet.

Islamic views on sin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I have now read three quarters of the Surahs of the Quran (about forty percent of the pages since the earier Surahs tended to be short and the later ones long); and i am becoming more aware of reading about a time and place of which i know almost nothing and in a language which cannot possibly capture the meaning of the book i am trying to understand.  So i stop once in a while to google a topic to compare the discussion with my emerging misunderstanding.

There are five different Arabic words that are translated in English as "sin" but the discussion of these terms is confusing and almost useless for my purposes, even if i intended to learn Arabic.

Judaism. and i suppose every monotheistic religion, discourages idolatry.  but in Islam the prohibition of "imagining that God has partners" is not just the First and Second Commandments, it is a drumbeat that provides background or foreground of almost every Surah.  It is an obsession  with Mohammed,  or Jibreel, or God or all three.  It is not just an error  that ignorant people "know not."  It is worst of evils, first on the list of "deadly" (or better, hellish) sins.  What was Arabia like before Islam?  I must find out as best i can.  The multiple worship objects must have led  to some awful abuses.

Whenever a long or short list of bad behavior is mentioned, the treatment of orphans is almost certain to be mentioned.  Neglect, abuse, and exploitation of orphans is often mentioned and condemned.  Certainly tribal societies hold kinship ties basic, a patriarchal society would be tough on fatherless children and Mohammed himself was an orphan, but i don't think any of this explains the deep concern for the rights of orphans found in Islam.

I also know that early Islam was too frequently endangered when allies backed off, retreated, or changed sides at the outset of important battles.  Mohammed, in early battles, often senr reluctant combatants home though his "army" was outnumbered.  Desertion as a major sin is also a reminder of the close connection between politics and religion which is so much more problematic in a democratic, secular society.

I guess i will find  out about the  other "major sins." as i go along.


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Dec. 8th, 2014 02:43 pm (UTC)
I should stop saying that I need to read the Koran, and read the Koran.

From what you say, it sounds much more overtly and straightforwardly doctrinal than other holy books I know.
Dec. 8th, 2014 04:26 pm (UTC)
Well, i will never be a Quran scholar. and probably never have a more trustworthy understanding of it than will satisfy anyone but myself, but i'm glad i am doing this, disappointing though it is.

I've now gotten curious about the Avesta and the Abi Granth, the other two great monotheistic scriptures. They are all (Avesta, Old Testament, New Testament, Koran, and Abi Granth) related. i think.
Dec. 8th, 2014 04:34 pm (UTC)
Sorri, that was me.
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