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Your Path Is As Good As Mine: I Doubt That It Is Better

"All religious traditions, their narratives and spiritual methods, are actually cosmologies. They act as maps—especially and ultimately, maps toward realization, awakening, enlightenment, salvation or other terms related to profound transformation. Within that confinement, the idea of a direct path is, of course, simply a metaphorical identification of a quick (or even guaranteed) route toward realization on the cosmological map of that particular tradition.

As Ken Wilber states in one of the principles of Integral Spirituality (Wilber, 2006), one result of that confinement was what he calls “The Myth of the Given”: the absolutely normal and innocent assumption of each tradition that its particular cosmological map (its narrative or method toward realization—which has also been seen to work!) is not only true but perhaps also better or best. Recognizing the universality of “The Myth of the Given” is one of the great “Aha’s” for persons entering the interspiritual landscape...." -  Kurt Johnson and Karuna.
The Intersection of “Direct Paths” in Interspirituality . in Contemplative Journal
Tags: contemplation, interspirituals, notes for a wayless journey
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