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Reality is an ocean; the Law is a ship.
Many have never left the ship,
never jumped into the sea.

They might have come to Worship
but they stopped at rituals.
They never knew or entered the Inside. -- Yunus Emre

Poetry Chaikhana Blog » 2012 » February

I'm not sure how writing about authority turned into writing about anarchy.

Many of the people who have authority for me, were anarchists, and most of the others have been accused of it,

Jesus is sometimes called an anarchist, he wanted his followers to have minimal contact with the state.  Yet he is said to have taught "with authority' though he had no  official role.  In fact, it was because he did not seem like those with official roles (scribes and pharasees) that his hearers granted him authority.

I call myself a "Christian anarchist," not because i am a Christian, but because i believe that good results cannot be brought about by violent means.  Anarchy has (wrongly) been called "the  philosophy of the bomb," and Bakunin, Proust, and Sorel all thought that change needed violence, and that violence is part of human  nature.  Sorel contrasted the violence (good) of the anarchists with the force (bad) used by the government in defense of the owners.  A man had to fight to protect his family and men must fight to protect their community,  Anarchies often ended worse than they might have because anarchists in power (e.g. Catalonia, 1936) felt the need to execute alleged enemies,  When the battle is over, think the Taoists, resentment remains, and it is best to be merciful, to not exact one's due.

When the "ship" of Law (the state) gets smashed to pieces by the "ocean" of reality and life, from whence does authority come?  Some would suggest we learn to swim.  Yunus Emre suggested that we embrace the ocean and let it embrace us.  Those who do not need the law ought to mentor those who fear they need it, not hypocritically try to enforce "God's law" on them, like Dostoyevski's Grand Inquisitor, who called upon the power of the state to enforce it.



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