bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Alternative History Fantasy

It is 371 C. E.  Seventeen year old Augustine Aurelius has had a nervous breakdown because of his many teenage mistakes and his overbearing mother.  He has come to a spiritual crisis point.  He hears a child chanting: "take, read; take read; take, read...." and takes this as a sign from God.  He reaches for the nearest book -- but it is not Paul's Epistle to the Romans.  It is. by some miracle, a perfect Latin translation of the Tao Te Ching.  Later he does become a Christian, and perhaps a priest.  But he does not become a Bishop, he does not write City of God and his Confessions are a very different book.  He does not seek power or the abuse of his enemies; instead he goes east to become another hermit monk in the deserts of Egypt where he reads and enjoys a copy of the Gospel of Mary.  Thus no Original Sin and no holocausts for strange Jesus followers or Jews.
Tags: nonsense, personal life, perspective on "history"
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