bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Hanging In There

Holy Week has passed without Dianne's participation, which makes us both, i think, a little sad.  She wanted to go to Holy Thursday services, or Goof Friday services or Easter Eve vigil, but as each event approached she was too weak or too tired to want to go.  We knew Easter would present too great a challenge for her.  She is sleeping ten to fourteen hours a day now which gives me lots of free time and lots of worry.  I'm still inclined to act as though we are both going to live forever or at least that she will have some years of relatively good health and some adventures before the end.  Realistically, she is 76 and i am 80 and we both have multiple health issues.  I have nearly lost her twice and she has nearly lost me once.*  We are not going to live forever and she will probably die before i do.  The other way around will present work and challenges to survivors; neither of us wants that.  Nevertheless, we are continuing a regimen to strengthen body and will.

* Incidentally, i had an unusually long and bloody nosebleed on Wednesday last, left nostril this time, since the right has been cauterized.  I bled for about one hour and produced a quarter cup of blood.  No apparent cause, no aftereffects, no bleeting since..
Tags: health, nose, personal life
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