bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

An Extraordinary Ordinary Man

Bob died this morning, not at Gethsemeni, nor in Louisville, but in Kentucky, so i guess i could say he died at home.  He left his spouse, a son, and two daughters.  And he left me spiritually richer than i could ever have been had i not been his friend during a brief period when our lives crossed.  When i met Bob, a friend of one of my brothers, he was in his late sixties, going deaf and with stage IV Parkinsons's Disease.  We talked philosophy/spirituality a half dozen time, shared favorite books and favorite mystics, and i felt a connection to him i had not felt with another human being.

He was a carpenter and Mississippi River bargeman.  But his life was not about making a living, he was preparing for his next Career when he would fly with Rumi's angels, which he may be doing now.  And i am certain that i was not the only person enriched by his wisdom, wisened hy his presence.. His feet were firmly planted in the ground of being while hishead was in the cloud of unknowing and his heart flowed out to everyone and everything.  I miss him, but the memory of him will continue to mark my path,
Tags: bob w., love, personal life
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