bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Update Update

Dianne's intake of supplemental oxygen has been reduced to "3."  (I have no idea what that means except that it is measure of oxygen flow, "0" is no supplemental oxygen flow, most home or portable units have flows to "6" or "10" and hospital units go up to about "15."  Dianne's intake has been at "4" all year and at "6" during the past couple of months.  Getting too much oxygen is almost as bad as getting too little.  If she can maintain at "3" she will be healthier and stronger than she has been in years, i think.  When she started on oxygen 13? 15? years ago she was on "2.5"  At that time she was pretty well able to take care of all of her physical needs without assistance.)

Tomorrow morning she will have an X-ray taken of her lungs, and if they are clear, she will be able to come home.  We both hope that will happen.
Tags: health, oxygen, personal life
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