bobby1933 (bobby1933) wrote,

Update Update

Dianne has been told that the antibiotics are working, that she is getting better, and that she will probably come home on Sunday..  For now she is on BiPAP 24 hours to keep her oxygen up.

Thanks to my grandson who spend most of the morning working on it, my satellite phone is functional again.  I hate hearing it ring!  Today i love hearing it ring.

Dianne's ex-brother-in-law's younger brother, K2 lost his wife just before Christmas.  The same thing that happened to me two years ago April happened to her--a burst artery in her head.  Only she didn't make.  I have not seen K2 or spoken to him in 35 years, but i loved him and still do.  I should have written to him a month ago, but have not done so.  Dianne's (and his) nephew, S. says he asked after me and would like to hear from me.  This is something i am not at all good at.

Well, i promised Dianne that i would sleep and not worry, so i am going to do just that.
Tags: health, nose, personal life
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