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So Was The Sunflower Memoir Or Fable?

"Autobiographical inconsistencies...

"Wiesenthal wrote a number of books, some of which contain conflicting stories and tales, many of which were invented.[8][9] Several authors, including Segev[8] and British author Guy Walters,[9] feel that Wiesenthal's autobiographies cannot be considered reliable sources of information about his life and activities. For example, Wiesenthal would describe two people fighting over one of the lists he had prepared of survivors of the Holocaust; the two look up and recognise each other and have a tearful reunion. In one account it is a man and wife,[122] and in another telling it is two brothers.[123] Wiesenthal's memoirs variously claim he had spent time in as many as eleven concentration camps; the actual number was five.[124] A drawing he made in 1945 that he claimed was a scene he witnessed in Mauthausen had actually been sketched from photos that appeared in Life magazine that June.[125][126] He particularly over-emphasised his role in the capture of Eichmann...

"Walters found many inconsistencies among the three main biographies and between these books and historical documents. "Wiesenthal’s scant regard for the truth makes it possible to doubt everything he ever wrote or said," remarks Walters.[132] British journalist and editor of The Times Daniel Finkelstein describes Walters' research as "impeccable", and reports that Ben Barkow of the Wiener Library supported the need to re-evaluate Wiesenthal's contributions. Finkelstein said that "accepting that Wiesenthal was a showman and a braggart and, yes, even a liar, can live alongside acknowledging the contribution he made".[133]"
Simon Wiesenthal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Many people misremember traumatic events or even block them from consciousness entirely.  A certain amount of fabrication has to be expected in reports of wars, tortures, imprisonments, and other horrors.
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